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Our task: we are there for you!

Staff councils/works councils are a mandated for public offices by respective federal and state laws – in case of the Heinrich Heine University, by the State Staff Representation Act (Landespersonalvertretungsgesetz - LPVG). The main role of staff councils is defined in Section 2 Para 1 of the LPVG as follows:

  • "The public office and the staff representation shall work together in a spirit of trust within the framework of the law and collective agreements, in order to perform their duties and for the benefit of the employees; in doing so, they shall cooperate with trade unions and employers' associations that are represented in the public office."
✔️ What we do to help you: ❌ The staff council
  • we represent employees
  • we give general advice regarding your employment at the HHU
  • we can help with communication between you, your supervisor and HR ("Division 3 - Personnel")
  • we help solving problems in a consensual and amicable manner

Do not hesitate to contact us!

  • is NOT a trade union
  • does NOT work on behalf of the employer, HR department, professor etc.
  • does NOT substitute a lawyer (we are NOT permitted to give legal advice as defined by law)
  • will generally NOT disclose information to third parties or the employer
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